The Arab Coalition to support legitimacy pounded sites and gatherings of Iranian-backed Houthi coup militias in Sa'ada governorate, destroying rocket launchers and a weapons storehouse containing Iranian-made drones, as Yemeni army continued operations in Baqim and Kattaf fronts, while joint forces foiled attacks by militias west of Taiz and east of the Directorate Hays of Hodeidah, and another towards the fronts north and west of al-Dali 'governorate, which witnessed the death of 10 militiamen, and the capture of four others.

In detail, Arab Coalition fighter jets pounded sites and gatherings of Iranian-backed Houthi coup militia in Sa'ada governorate in northern Yemen, targeting three Houthi movements and gatherings in the Majz district, and three others in al-Zahir district.

Local sources in Saada pointed out that the raids led to the destruction of Houthi military vehicles, including rocket launchers and a weapons storehouse containing Iranian-made drones. The raids also left a number of dead and wounded among the militias.

During the past two days, coalition warplanes launched more than 30 raids on Houthi positions, gatherings and mechanisms in Saada, destroying and damaging a number of their vehicles, leaving dead and wounded among them.

On the other hand, the Yemeni army forces supported by the Arab Coalition continued its military operations in the front spot in the Directorate of Kattaf, during which they managed to destroy a military convoy belonging to the Houthis, according to the commander of the Brigade of Liberation Brigadier General Jamal Kalai, pointing in a press statement to the official news agency (Yemen) (Saba), The brigade's forces, backed by coalition fighter jets and artillery, targeted a military convoy of militias in the Rashaha mountain range, after attempting to infiltrate the area, destroying military vehicles, killing and wounding those on board.

Al-Qulai said that light and medium weapons have been booty left by Houthi elements who fled on the beatings of the army and coalition in the region, stressing the army's readiness to complete the liberation of the entire Directorate and the province, and the entire Yemeni soil from Iranian Houthi elements.

The media center of the Kutaf axis warned recently that the residents of the directorate from approaching or gathering near military areas, and areas of contact where clashes between the army and Iranian militias, and warned against allowing Houthi elements to use their areas to attack the army, so as not to expose themselves to targeting and bombing.

In Hajjah, Coalition fighter jets launched 10 raids focused on militia positions in the vicinity of Abs and Haradh districts, leaving dead and wounded among their members and destroying various military vehicles.

In al-Jawf, Yemeni army forces thwarted attacks and infiltration attempts by Houthi forces towards their positions in al-Saqiya and Malhan area, in al-Maslub district, west of the governorate, and another in the vicinity of al-Matoun government complex in al-Matun district, leaving dead, wounded and damaging Houthi military crews.

In al-Dhali, seam fronts in the north-west of the governorate witnessed violent confrontations between the joint forces and the southern resistance on the one hand, and the Houthi militias on the other, centered after Hubail al-Abdi of the al-Fakhir area, and the battles within Ibb province, according to the field commander in the 82nd Infantry Brigade, Colonel Shaif Kayed Saif, pointing out that the units of the joint forces exceeded Hubail al-Abdi in al-Fakher, and the storming units are penetrating deep into the advanced lines of the militias within Ibb governorate.

According to Colonel Shaif, the brigade's forces responded to Houthi attacks and attempts to infiltrate the Kharaza sector and inflicted heavy losses on them.Hubail Al-Kalb witnessed clashes between the two sides after the Houthis attempted to infiltrate the area.

Ten militiamen were killed and others were injured, while four others were captured during an attempted infiltration on Monday evening towards the fronts of Al-Fakhir and Al-Jib, north of Al-Dhala, which witnessed a calm and restored normal life on Tuesday, after completing securing and clearing them of Houthi elements, IEDs and mines planted by the militias.

In al-Hudaydah on the west coast of Yemen, the joint forces were able to counter a large-scale attack by Houthi militias on their positions in al-Barah area west of Taiz, on the one hand, and Rasian area overlooking the city of al-Barah, which is affiliated to the Muqbana district. To the east of the Directorate.

According to the Media Center of the Giants forces that the Houthi militias suffered heavy losses in equipment and lives, as a result of fierce battles fought by the brigade forces of 14 giants, and managed to break the attack and foiled by the support of the artillery of the joint forces stationed in Makha.

The militias continued their military escalation on the West Coast fronts, coinciding with the failure of the meeting of the United Nations Coordination Committee for the second time, and continued to bombard joint sites in Duraimi south of Hodeidah, using heavy mortar and various types of machine guns.

The militias also shelled the city of Al-Saleh east of Hodeidah with various types of medium and heavy weapons and artillery shells, and heavily bombarded militias and various machine guns in the center, south and north of Al-Jah district of Beit Al-Faqih district, and targeted machine guns Haret al-Dhabyani, Al-Qemma Hotel, City Max and 50th Street in Hodeidah.

It launched intensive attacks against the College of Engineering, Al-Osaily, Al-Ittihad and Al-Qemah, and various places in the current Directorate of Hodeidah, in addition to shelling various areas in the vicinity of the city of Makkas and Al-Hammadi, and the tour of Yemen Mobile.

The Houthi militias pushed heavily into different areas of the province, reinforced by heavy military vehicles, mostly concentrated in the areas of al-Faza and Jabaliya, Tahita district, and others towards Irfan and Admi areas south of Hodeidah.

In Taiz, the army forces in Muqbana Directorate launched large-scale attacks in support of the joint forces in the west coast, targeting the militia positions in Al-Quhaifah Front in Muqbana district, killing and wounding a number of Houthi elements.

Joint forces west of al-Waziya junction west of Taiz also attacked militias from three directions, destroying Houthi fortifications and military vehicles stationed in al-Waziya junction. In Dhamar, south of the capital Sanaa, the militias broke into a mourning hall in Dhamar last night and kidnapped about 90 people of the deceased Muhammad Alawi al-Harouji, who was detained by the militia for two years. The kidnappers were taken to an unknown destination. Mention the reason for the raid and kidnapping.

Coalition fighter jets conducted 10 concentrated raids on militia positions in the vicinity of Abs and Haradh.