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78 people injured , 110 flights canceled , access collapsed , cuts of road and train tracks, bonfires , police charges ... It is the brief summary of the independence protests this Monday against the sentence of the process . A ruling, which has set penalties of 9 to 13 years for the independence leaders, and that has caused numerous concentrations and protest actions that the independence movements expect to continue on Tuesday.

The Tsunami democratic independence platform has ensured that the mobilizations on Monday achieved "the objectives set" and announced that on Tuesday there will be "a new challenge" that is expected to mobilize thousands of people in Catalonia again .

The protests of the independence groups against the sentence of the process were carried out in towns such as Tarragona , Sabadell , Lleida or Girona , where the protesters cut train tracks, roads, access ... [The images of the demonstrations] .

The mobilizations against the sentence of the procés began Monday morning, when the Tsunami democratic platform called to go "immediately and by all possible means" to paralyze the Catalan activity, especially at the Barcelona airport of El Prat where moments were lived of great tension. On foot, by road, by subway and by train, thousands of protesters went to the airport and blocked access by road , while the Mossos d'Esquadra ordered to interrupt the metro and train service to the airport for hours.

The AVE is still interrupted

The last part of Renfe at 07.00 informs that finally it has not been possible to repair any of the two high-speed roads in Girona that were damaged during the burning of objects that occurred on Monday. In this way the AVE service is still interrupted between Barcelona - Girona and Figueres. The AVE service from Barcelona to Madrid is provided normally .

From the beginning of the service, a tree cut and fallen on the catenary between Sant Miquel de Fluvià and Flaçà interrupts the circulation of trains on lines R11 and RG1 of Rodalies de Catalunya . Also, the first train Lleida - Cervera, scheduled for 06.55 hours, is made by road due to the problems arising from yesterday's cut in the area of ​​Vilaseca.

The rest of the services of Rodalies de Catalunya and Ave-Larga Distancia trains that connect Barcelona with Madrid, the Mediterranean Corridor, the southern and northern peninsula provide the service normally.

Oriol Junqueras, from jail

The former Catalan vice president, Oriol Junqueras , sentenced to 13 years in prison for sedition with embezzlement, has granted an interview from jail to the Reuters agency in which he says that a "new independence referendum is inevitable" and in which he reiterates that the sentence "has made the Catalan separatists stronger, who will not give up."

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