Work on holidays should be paid in double size, recalled in Rostrud. The press service of the agency told RIA Novosti about the possibility, in return for the holiday, in which the employee was forced to work, to take another day for rest.

Note that the last holidays will be on the Day of National Unity, celebrated on November 4 - the long weekend will last from November 2 to 4. The following holidays for Russians are expected only after the New Year - from January 1 to 8.

Moreover, as Ivan Shklovets, deputy head of Rostrud, previously noted, the working day on November 1 before the holidays will not be shortened.

“There will be no pre-holiday shortened working day on Friday, November 1, since this day does not immediately precede Monday, November 4,” Interfax quoted him as saying.

According to the labor code, if a person receives payment according to the piecework principle, then he cannot be paid less on holidays than on a double tariff. The same rule applies to those workers whose work is paid by the hour or day, as well as those who have an official salary.

If an employee does not work all day during the holiday, but only part of it, then he is entitled to double payment only for the time that he worked.

However, at the request of the employee, you can move the day off from the holiday to any other. In this case, work on a holiday will be paid as usual. At the same time, even if the employee worked on the weekend for only a few hours, he is given a full day off.

It is worth noting that this rule does not apply to media workers, filmmakers, television and video crews, employees of theaters, concert organizations, circuses and those who are involved in creating or exhibiting creative works. These employees receive payments in accordance with contracts concluded with employers.

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An employer may call an employee to work on a holiday for several reasons. For example, if it is necessary for the normal operation of the organization. In this case, you must obtain written consent from him.

However, in some cases, an employee may be called without his consent. We are talking about those citizens whose work is due to emergency or martial law, the threat of disaster. Also, the employee will have to go out, if this will prevent the catastrophe or eliminate its consequences, to prevent an accident, destruction or damage to property of the employer, or the state.

Holidays in 2020

Recall, the government decided to postpone the two days off from the New Year holidays to the May holidays. If on New Year's holidays 2018-2019, Russians rested for 10 days (from December 30 to January 8), then in the coming year there will be eight days off - from January 1 to January 8. This is due to the fact that on December 30 and 31 this year falls on Monday and Tuesday, and therefore they will be workers.

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The government approved the postponement of holidays in 2020. Weekends on January 4 and 5 (Saturday and Sunday), coinciding with non-working holidays, are postponed to May 4 and 5, respectively. We have prepared for you a calendar where all workdays, weekends and holidays in 2020 are marked. Save, share!

Publication from the Government of Russia (@government_rf) Jul 13, 2019 at 3:58 PDT

Falling out in 2020 on the weekend of January 4 and 5 were postponed to Monday and Tuesday May 4 and 5, respectively - "for the rational use by employees of weekends and non-working holidays."

“The proposed rescheduling of days of rest will allow us to comply with the norm of Art. 110 (Labor. — RT) of the code that there should be at least 42 hours of continuous rest between two working weeks, ”the Ministry of Labor’s explanatory note on the transfer of holidays says.

Thus, the Russians will have a long weekend in the winter of 2020 twice - from January 1 to 8 and from February 22 to 24, in connection with the Defender of the Fatherland Day.

The following non-working days fall on the celebration of International Women's Day from March 7 to 9. In the spring there will also be other holiday weekends - from May 1 to 5 and from 9 to 11 of the same month. These days, Labor Day and Victory Day are celebrated in Russia, respectively.

In the summer of 2020 will be the last long weekend that year - from June 12 to 14 in connection with the Day of Russia. In November, National Unity Day will fall on Wednesday, and therefore only this day will be a day off.

Thus, in 2020 there will be 248 working days and 118 days off. This year, less working days - 247.

It is also worth noting that in 2020, out of 248 days, five pre-holiday days will be reduced by one hour - April 30, May 8, June 11 and November 3.