When he got the question on his table two years ago, he couldn't imagine how much work lay ahead of him.

Calling a multinational company has taken its time. Today he jokingly says he eats Brexit for breakfast.

- Sometimes it was actually the first thing I thought of when I woke up, he says.

But it is also serious. Every part that is affected by Brexit within the Volvo Group has been turned and turned.

"A job that never ends"

- We have looked at customs handling, tariffs and VAT. Our products are shipped to the UK and what are the consequences. But we have also looked at our subcontractors. All of a sudden they will export to us and we will import to our factories, says Anders Eklbad.

He describes a work that never ended. The more he worked on the issue, the more question marks arose.

- It became more and more and we asked questions to all our organizations. Take HR for example. We have UK citizens working outside the UK within the EU and we have other EU citizens working in the UK. So a year ago we asked the question how they are affected by Brexit and then we had no answer, he says honestly, saying that the company identified questions, but did not find the answer.

Based on three scenarios

The company has since worked as Anders Ekblad describes it "structured with a number of different scenarios". Therefore, three different scenarios have been used. These have been that the UK stays in the EU and nothing happens, until the country crashes out of the EU or somewhere in between.

- Now we have come to a point that we are satisfied with the preparations. It is not possible to prepare all the way and now we have reached a sufficiently good level.