US President Donald Trump said he would soon impose sanctions on current and former Turkish officials over Turkish military operations that he described as destabilizing in northern Syria.

He vowed to quickly destroy Turkey's economy if it continued to "continue this dangerous and destructive path," adding that US troops withdrawing from Syria would be redeployed and would remain in the region to monitor the situation.

Trump said in a statement that the Turkish military attack endangers civilians and threatens peace, security and stability in the region, as he put it. He said Turkey should ensure the protection of civilians in northern Syria, including religious and ethnic minorities.

He said the United States would suspend trade negotiations with Turkey on a $ 100 billion trade deal.

Trump said in previous tweets that his country withdrew its troops from Syria after the final defeat of the organization, adding that it was time for Syria and Assad to provide protection for the Kurds and confront Turkey for their land.

The president said he had no problem with those who wanted to help Syria protect the Kurds, whether Russia or China, noting that some wanted Washington to protect the border of Syria, which is seven thousand miles and headed by Bashar al-Assad, which he called the enemy. Trump also wished success to anyone who wanted to help Syria protect the Kurds.

Operation "Spring of Peace" - launched by Turkey last Wednesday - targets the Syrian Kurdish YPG, which Ankara considers a terrorist organization allied to Kurdish separatists in Turkey.

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US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said a stronger sanctions package on Turkey should be worked out than the White House had offered.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said he had spoken to Pelosi about measures Congress should take regarding Turkish intervention in Syria, and said Pelosi supported bipartisan sanctions on Turkey.

Graham told Fox News that Erdogan "made the biggest political mistake of his life," and said, "I have never seen such bipartisan support in my life. We are all overflowing with Erdogan."

"Republicans and Democrats working with the administration will impose tough sanctions similar to those imposed on Iran, and he deserves it," he said. "We will get him out of Syria and get things back in order."

Trump's decision to withdraw US troops from the Kurdish-controlled region, paving the way for the Turkish offensive, has been widely criticized at home and has been seen as a betrayal of Kurds who have allied with the United States to defeat IS.

And Europe, the European Union foreign ministers condemned the Turkish military operations in northeastern Syria, and demanded an immediate halt, and the withdrawal of Turkish troops.

Agence France-Presse said in an indication of the divisions suffered by the Union, it took about three and a half hours of controversy between the ministers in closed session.