Amal Hilali - Tunisia

The victory of the new president, Qais Said, not only pleased Tunisians, but also surpassed the millions of Arab peoples who have come through social networks to congratulate Tunisians for their president, at a time when the Palestinian issue was the most prominent present in his speech and celebrations by his supporters.

The Palestinian issue was prominent in the television debate between him and his rival Nabil Karawi, when he declared his position unequivocally on the issue of normalization with the Israeli entity, describing it as "crime and treason."

Said stressed that the Tunisians are at war with an entity that is usurping and occupying the Palestinian people. He also declared that if he wins the presidency, he will prevent anyone from entering an Israeli passport to Tunisia.

Said's rejection of normalization comes in contrast to his opponent Nabil Karoui, who was revealed in foreign newspapers to meet with an Israeli Mossad officer, and paid a huge amount for the promotion of his presidential campaign internationally, while the Tunisian judiciary opened an investigation into the case.

Israeli figures also expressed their support for the villager, such as journalist Eddie Cohen, who tweeted on his Twitter account for what he said was "advice" for the Tunisian people to elect the villager.

During the press conference following the announcement of his victory, Qais said he was keen to renew his pledges to the Palestinians, stressing that he would work to support just causes, especially the Palestinian cause.

He expressed his wish that the Palestinian flag would be present alongside the Tunisian flag, thanking all the free people in the world.

Palestinian activist and songwriter Adham Abu Salamieh told Al Jazeera Net that Qais Said "came at a precise time and amid an official Arab ambition towards normalization with the Israeli entity, to promote free voices defending the occupied Palestinian people."

Yes, rejoice for #Tunisia, and how not to rejoice and the beloved Tunisian people is the first who launched the slogan #People_Want_Editation_Palestine after the fall of Ben Ali.

This slogan is repeated throughout the beloved Tunisian territory.
We love you # Tunisia ..

- Adham Abu Salmiya # Gaza @ (@ adham922) October 13, 2019

Abu Salmiya did not hide his happiness as a Palestinian, as Said won the presidency in Tunisia, "as one of the few rulers who carried the Palestinian cause, and they repudiated without fear that normalization with the Zionist enemy is a high betrayal."

He also considered the picture in which Said and the Al-Aqsa Mosque behind him "the beginning of the emotional relationship between this candidate and the Palestinian people, who was keen from the outset not to interfere in Tunisian affairs, merely praying for Said to victory."

Abu Salmiya sent a message of thanks to the Tunisian people who shouted in the heart of the Tunisian capital, "The people want to liberate Palestine" and "Palestine is free and the Zionist on his righteousness", and those who carried the flag of the State of Palestine.

The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) was quick to congratulate Qais Said on winning the presidential elections, stressing through a tweet on its official website that his victory "represents a great support for the Palestinian cause and just causes."

We congratulate Dr. Kais Said @KaisSaiid on his victory in the Tunisian presidential elections, and we welcome his victory, and we consider this a great support for the Palestinian cause and just causes, and we congratulate the Tunisian people for this wonderful democratic experience.

- Hamas (@hamasinfo) October 13, 2019

For his part, called the Egyptian writer and journalist Wael Kandil "Tunisians honorable to protect Qais Said, Arab Zionists, as a president contrary to the positions of Arab regimes in relation to the Palestinian cause, and in scrambling its rulers scandalous to the Zionist entity."

Kandil recalled the previous positions of the late President Mohamed Morsi, saying that "he risked his life and entered the hornet's nest when he announced his support for the Palestinian cause and the besieged people of Gaza, and made a new proposal in the official handling of this issue to be bitten by bastards at home and abroad."

"When Tunisians voted for Said, the Tunisians expressed an innate attitude towards the Arab citizen who is biased to just causes and to people who are fed up with the actions of a group of rulers who condemn the blind loyalty of the Zionist entity," Kandil concluded.