In a statement, France warns about the "dramatic humanitarian consequences" that could have the Turkish offensive against the Kurdish forces in northeastern Syria.

France will intensify its efforts to obtain "the immediate cessation of the Turkish offensive" against the Kurdish forces in northeastern Syria, said Sunday the French presidency in a statement. The communique was published after a meeting of the Defense and National Security Council in Paris under the presidency of Emmanuel Macron.

"France will step up its diplomatic efforts, in close coordination with its coalition partners against Daesh, within the framework of the European Union, NATO and the United Nations Security Council, to secure the immediate cessation of the Turkish offensive in progress, "the statement said. President Macron said that the offensive launched by Turkey can "entail dramatic humanitarian consequences, a resurgence of Daesh in the region, and a lasting destabilization of northeastern Syria," the statement said. "France condemns it in the strongest terms," ​​he said.

"An emergency humanitarian response program"

The statement announces measures "to ensure the safety of French military and civilian personnel present in the area" and "an emergency humanitarian response program" for local populations. "The absolute priority must be to prevent the resurgence of Daesh in the region," says the French presidency, using the Arabic acronym of the Islamic State Jihadist group (EI). It notes "the risk of escape, because of the offensive of Turkey, captured Daesh terrorists".

"Measures have also been adopted to strengthen the security of the national territory in this context," the statement said.