Success of “Arab Spring” Tunisian presidential election Constitutionalist elected October 15th, 8:00

The final vote of the presidential election was held in Tunisia, North Africa, which is the only successful example of the democratic movement "Arab Spring".

The election management committee in Tunisia held a meeting in the capital Tunis on the 14th, and announced the results of the vote of the final vote of the presidential election that was held on the 13th of the previous day.

The vote rate was 72.71% for Conscientist Kaith Saeed, and 27.29% for businessman Nabil Calwie, winning Saeed.

Said is 61 years old from Tunis.

Although he has no political experience, he appealed for the eradication of corruption in election campaigns and attracted the support of young people who were dissatisfied with the economic downturn and high unemployment.

Saeed declared victory before the announcement of the Election Commission, “It is necessary to rebuild the relationship of trust between those in power and the general public. Things within the constitutional framework. "I want to go on," he said.

Tunisia has been steadily democratized after the dictatorship collapsed in a civil protest, and is said to be the only successful example of "Arab Spring".

However, people's dissatisfaction has been increasing that their lifestyle is not good after democratization, and it will be noted how Mr. Said who will take office as a new president will work to rebuild the economy.