Google's fact box, which after a search shows up in the top right corner, gives searches on "Säpo" the description that the Swedish security police is a Jewish organization, and "one of Israel's two operative terrorist authorities."

Säpo has seen the description in the fact box.

"We are aware of this information that appears on the search company's website and have blamed it. It is always difficult when there is incorrect information about the authorities," Säpo's press secretary Gabriel Wernstedt told SVT News.

"Can't do more than point out the errors"

According to Gabriel Wernstedt, the security police signal as soon as they become aware of this type of incident, but that beyond that they can not affect the American tech giant so much.

- We have no way to influence Google in this. When it comes to how things are ranked, we can do nothing more than point out the errors, and we have.

The content of the fact box is taken from Wikipedia. Late Sunday, the information about Säpo was added to Wikipedia, but changed back after half an hour. Wikipedia is described as "a Swedish security service". But on Monday afternoon, it has not yet been corrected in Google's fact box.

Photo: Wikipedia

Is it criminal to post this type of information?

- If there are reasons to assume that crimes have been committed, we look at it, says Gabriel Wernstedt.