Representatives of different companies drop in one by one. There is little talk in the microphone when Jesper Öhrn, who is responsible for international trade and business development at the West Swedish Chamber of Commerce, welcomes everyone. He starts with an anecdote and tells about when the Chamber organized its first seminar on Brexit. Then two people came. Since then a lot has happened.

- This is really an important issue now and more and more people have realized it. Brexit affects so many parts that you might not think of at first, he says.

The United Kingdom is one of Sweden's largest trading partners and thousands of companies are affected in Western Sweden.

Seminar attracts many interested

In the audience is Mats Norling, CEO of Europafilter with offices in Mölnlycke. The company has tried to prepare as best it could.

- I am here to find out more about what Brexit can mean for us as a company and as a supplier to the English market.

There is quite a short time left. Don't you know it before?

- Yes, we know. We also have a dialogue with our distributor about this, so we try to predict what we think we can do at present.

One year ago, the West Swedish Chamber of Commerce presented the annual export index. At that time, more than 70 per cent, almost 75 per cent of companies in Western Sweden that have trade with the UK had not started any preparatory work before Brexit.

"Worrying with poor preparation"

- It looks better today, but based on the dialogue we have with the companies on an ongoing basis, we know that a large proportion are not prepared or have started preparations now either, says Jesper Öhrn.

What do you say about that?

- It is alarming and especially if it is a tough Brexit. If you have not made the necessary preparations and especially of course if you have a relatively extensive trade with the UK.

In the clip you hear the West Chamber of Commerce tell us how the companies have prepared themselves.