"Well, it is hurt, physically and emotionally. They have given it a blow that has thrown it on the ground and stolen its flag." Your daughter answers the phone in a shaky voice. María Grima is at the police station, where she is filing a complaint with the National Police against the man who, just a few hours earlier, gave him a brutal punch in the face that threw her to the ground after tearing off the flag she wore with pride.

"Olé, olé, olé, you are stepping on Spanish soil," Maria hummed to the passage of the independence demonstration, in the market square of Tarragona, and waved her national flag. Suddenly, a man snatches the badge and, in the struggle, hits it. The second call from EL MUNDO is answered by his lawyer, Javier Gómez . She is still "under shock " and does not want to respond to the media.

His legal advisor says that, when he fell, Maria, who is 61, "had a shock and lost consciousness for 15 or 20 seconds." "She is an older lady who suffers previous back injuries," says Gomez, "and she is very scared."

In his profile picture of WhatsApp , one of the commemorative patches of the Copernicus Operation , which brought hundreds of National Police and Civil Guard agents from Catalonia to Catalonia to stop the independence escalation around the consultation of the 1 of October 2017

Alejandro Fernández himself , president of the PP of Catalonia and a native of Tarragona, has quickly recognized the protagonist of the video that has shocked social networks: "I have known Maria for many years, the woman cowardly assaulted by that vermin," he tweeted , and has given him all his "love and support".

Maria has been linked to politics for years. Current militant of Vox , was in the municipal lists of the formation of Santiago Abascal for 26-M , but it was not his first time. Already in 2011, he was a substitute in the lists of Convergence and Unió and in 2015 in those of the PP as independent.

"As a member of VOX our president in Tarragona and affiliates are attending and giving support and love," confirmed the deputy spokesman of the Parliamentary Group of Vox at the Ignacio Garriga Congress.

The aggressor, a skipper of the fishing district

Police sources have confirmed to EL MUNDO the identity of the aggressor as Joan Ramon Leandro Ventura , who has quickly erased any trace on social networks but who, according to his LinkedIn profile, is a ship's patron and is currently working at the Boteros Mooring company of Tarragona , which provides "mooring and auxiliary maritime services" in the port of Tarragona.

The profile of the port company on Google appears this afternoon under the name "Boteros Maltratadores de Tarragona" next to an image of the facade of the Madrid Barceló Theater covered with an immense flag of Spain at the initiative of a furious crowd in the Internet forums, where the identity of the aggressor of Maria has been revealed at first.

Joan Ramon Leandro Ventura, a native of the Serrallo neighborhood of Tarragona, was in 2011 the number 25 on the municipal lists of Solidaritat Catalana per la Indepenència , the electoral coalition sponsored by the former president of Barcelona Football Club Joan Laporta a year earlier, as reflected the Official Gazette of the Province of Tarragona .

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