The Dubai Court of Appeal has upheld a 29-year-old Asian project supervisor's sentence of six months in jail and deportation for abducting an Asian accounting trick, raping her after being beaten and bitten, and buying a painkiller after assaulting her for pain.

The Dubai Public Prosecutor appealed against the criminal court ruling against the accused, and the Court of Appeal upheld the verdict.

The 25-year-old victim said she met the defendant a month before the incident. They continued several times through WhatsApp. He then invited her to dinner and agreed after convincing her he would not be harmed. I went to a restaurant and then went out for a coffee in a cafeteria, and then surprised him heading to a dark street in the area of ​​power, and stopped in a sandy area between the trees and attacked them, and assaulted her twice after biting and hit her in the stomach and face, while crying warmly.

The victim added that the defendant forced her to kiss him while he was filming her, then threatened to kill her if she told anyone.He claimed that he had relations with influential persons.He asked him to take her down the road after he finished his crime, but he refused.He felt severe back pain and bought her a house. Some of the food went to her place of residence, noting that she told her friend what happened and took her to the police station, and conducted a medical examination to document the injuries suffered.

A witness from Dubai Police said that he participated in the research team that seized the accused, who claimed that the victim practiced vice with her consent, and said that he had pictures and video on his mobile phone while kissing him, while the victim told the police that the defendant was taking pictures of the places They came together and were amazed by his actions but later realized that he was intent on attacking her, and later used these images if she complained against him.

The forensic report of the General Administration of Criminal Evidence proved that the victim had facial scratches and other injuries indicating that she had been assaulted.