Stuttgart (Germany) (AFP)

This time, Simone Biles is alone in the world: the irresistible American champion has seized only the record of world medals by offering her 24th and 25th, both in gold, Sunday in Stuttgart (Germany). Here it is in orbit for the Olympics 2020.

The day before, Biles (22) had equaled the record set by Belarusian legend Vitaly Scherbo (23) in the 1990s by winning the jump. It took him less than 24 hours to overtake him and even escape. In less than two hours, the small Texan bomb flew over the ends of the beam and soil on Sunday.

And it is rare enough to be underlined: it is demonstratively that she hosted her first coronation of the afternoon, a brilliant smile and fist thrown in the air, before falling into the arms of her coach French Laurent Landi.

In detail, the reigning four-time Olympic champion is now leading a collection of 19 world gold medals, three silver and three bronze.

On the German apparatus, Biles has constantly enriched the record of world gold medals she has held since 2018. Never before a gymnast had conquered more than twelve.

Never, either, had she gleaned so much gold - five titles in this case (out of six possible) - in a single world meeting. Until then, it had peaked at four, three times (2014, 2015 and 2018). In addition to the floor, beam and jump, Biles dominated the all-around and the team competition, with her American teammates earlier in the week.

- Five crowns out of six -

Only the uneven bars, the only apparatus of which she was never crowned world champion, resisted her once again: she ranked "only" fifth of the final Saturday.

This golden raid puts it ideally in orbit at nine months of the Olympics 2020, where she could bow to 23 years.

If it had to be added again, remember that she became Thursday the first gymnast in history five times world champion general competition. Only Japan's Kohei Uchimura has done better, with six world titles on the men's side.

On beam Sunday, Biles won with an excellent score of 15.066, ahead of two Chinese, Liu Tingting (14.433) and Li Shijia (14.300).

On the ground, Biles was the last of eight finalists to start. With a score of 15.133, she beat another American, Sunisa Lee (14.133) and Russia's Angelina Melnikova (14.066). And what more beautiful conclusion than an ultimate representation of the "Biles II", his hallucinating acrobatics on the ground, precisely a double somersault with a triple twist, could it offer?

Engaged in the two finals, Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos of France ranked fifth each time.

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