Mohammed Ghulam-Cox's Bazaar

Field executions, slaughter of veins to veins, chopping of infant bodies, dumping of infants and children into the lava of their inflamed homes. Few of the Muslim Rohingyans were exposed by Buddhist soldiers and gangs atrocities.

Many of the Rohingya people we met here in Bangladesh camps say that the Myanmar army appeared to follow a methodology for the destruction of Muslims based on four pillars: looting, destroying and burning houses, raping women, burning boys and the elderly, and killing men with slaughter and bullets.

Several human rights organizations such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have classified these crimes as "ethnic cleansing" and crimes against humanity.

Mohammed Zubair was attacked by a bomb whose remains are still visible in his stomach and legs (Al Jazeera)

Chop bodies
Mohamed Elias, 35, saw Myanmar soldiers kill the men with slaughter, beatings with sticks and chopping off children's bodies. "I saw them tearing a baby's body in their hands like a chicken," he said.

Sadly, Mohammed Rafik recalls the black moments when his son and father were in the raging fire. "I have the pain that I saved my son while failing to save my father," he says.

Rafiq, from the village of Fawakli in Mongdu district, managed to hide from the soldiers in a warehouse outside the house while they set fire to him.Once he left with a thick cover and entered, he rescued his son and was alone on the ground floor, while failing to reach the top floor where his father died of suffocation and burning. .

Noor Alam was stabbed with a dagger in the lower abdomen and pretended to die to survive (Al Jazeera)

Dogs saved us
The 52-year-old Noor Alam was severely beaten with sticks in a raid by Buddhist militias on the village of Furi Bazaar. He was stabbed with a dagger in the lower abdomen and pretended to die to survive. He was at the back of fleeing blind Buddhist hatred.

Nur Alam said that the village witnessed the least killers in the villages of Arkan, after its inhabitants were already ready after the news of killing and burning in the neighboring villages "saved the bark of dogs .. We showed the coming of the raids and managed to escape many."

Unlike Furi Bazar, more than 100 people were killed in Nanchong alone after killing, looting and burning by the army and Buddhist gangs, in which 22-year-old Muhammad Zubair was fleeing into the nearby forests with a grenade thrown by soldiers with a high-yielding grenade.

Saddam Hussein del Mohammed witnessed how his father was killed in a massacre among 60 people in the execution of the field (Al Jazeera)

Field execution
Saddam Hussein Dil Mohammed, 21, recounted how his father was killed in a massacre of 60 people in a field execution that he miraculously survived after hiding in a pit in total darkness.

It was a surprise attack on his village "Kari Farah" in Mongdo, where it was looted and destroyed. "They took jewelry and luggage and fled to Bangladesh swimming at night, we were rich, my father had a car, a house and a cow, and now we are poor here."

Ironically, in the Arakan tragedy there is no talk of torture or imprisonment and other common "traditional" abuses. Those arrested there are doomed to murder, murder alone by burning or shooting.