The Kurds agreed today with the Syrian regime to deploy its forces along the border with Turkey, official Syrian media confirmed that the Syrian army has already started moving its forces to the frontlines in the northeast to face what it called "Turkish aggression."

Ismat Sheikh Hassan, the defense official in the so-called self-administration of the Syrian Democratic Forces, said that the Kurdish administration reached an agreement with Russia to hand over the city of Ain al-Arab Kobani to the Syrian regime.

He added that regime forces are expected to enter the city tonight.

Sheikh Hassan predicted that units of the regime forces will be deployed in the cities of Ain al-Arab and Manbij, which are controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces, within 48 hours.

Ahmed Suleiman, a senior member of the Kurdish Progressive Democratic Party (PDP), said earlier that the Syrian government and SDF were holding talks at the Russian base of Hmeimim in Latakia, expressing hope for an agreement that would stop the Turkish attack.

Asked about Suleiman's remarks, Mustafa Bali, director of the SDF Media Center, said: "No comment. We have confirmed since the beginning of the invasion that we will consider all options that would spare our people ethnic cleansing."

According to the official Syrian news agency (SANA), units of the Syrian army are already moving to the north of the country, without giving any further details and whether this move comes within the framework of an agreement with the Kurds, or whether the Syrian army will be deployed in the border area.

The so-called "Kurdish self-administration" has called on Russia on Wednesday to play the role of "guarantee" in the "dialogue" with Damascus, in the face of the Turkish military operation.

It is noteworthy that Damascus takes on the Kurds alliance with the United States, and this week blamed "some Kurdish organizations" responsible for what is happening.

At the beginning of 2019, also in the face of Turkish threats, the Kurdish self-administration called on regime forces to deploy in the Manbij area of ​​the northeastern countryside of Aleppo. The Syrian army then announced that its units had entered the area.

Faced with an offensive by Turkish forces and their pro-Syrian factions that ended in control of the mainly Kurdish region of Afrin in 2018, the Kurds also called on Damascus to intervene to prevent the Turkish offensive. At the time, however, Damascus did not deploy army units.

It is noteworthy that Turkey and the Syrian armed opposition factions began last Wednesday, the operation "spring of peace" military against Kurdish fighters in northern Syria. After five days of fighting, accompanied by heavy artillery and aerial bombardment, Turkish forces and their affiliated factions now control about 100 kilometers along the border between the city of Tal Abyad and Ras al-Ain, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.