Lenín Moreno (Ansa)

  • Ecuador. President Moreno decreed a curfew and military control in Quito
  • Ecuador, blocked access to the international airport of Quito


October 13, 2019The president of Ecuador, Lenín Moreno, accused his predecessor Rafael Correa and Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro of "guiding" violent demonstrations in Quito, following the attack on government buildings and local media offices.

"Dark forces, linked to political crime organized and led by Correa and Maduro, with the complicity of narco-terrorism, criminal gangs, violent foreign citizens, have caused a violence never seen before" in Ecuador, said Moreno in a television intervention.

The capital of Ecuador has been shaken for more than ten days by violent demonstrations against the president's decision to pass a law that puts an end to a fuel subsidy: a decision, that of Moreno, which is part of his efforts for a policy of austerity with which it intends to curb the deficit, after having signed an agreement for a loan of 4.2 billion dollars with the International Monetary Fund.