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Kristersson: Unclear what the government thinks about the migration issue


Stefan Löfven (S) said the other day that Sweden should reduce the refugee reception, but in Sunday's Agenda he does not want to give a clear message or mention any figures. Something that makes Jimmie Åkesson (SD) react. - Turn your fists on the table now and say yes or no.

The moderates' Ulf Kristersson directly criticizes Löfven's government for stating that they want to reduce migration but, as he says, does just the opposite.

- It is unclear what the government thinks, but it is not clear what they are doing. They have systematically over the last year at every time increased immigration. We want to reduce immigration because we have such integration problems that we cannot receive as many, says Ulf Kristersson.

Löfven: "Sweden will do its part"

The Prime Minister believes that it is a global issue and something for the EU to solve together first and foremost.

- The EU must take joint responsibility. When EU rules are in place, Sweden should do its part. We will stand up for the right of asylum. If you get yes you should stay and then we must integrate people much better, says Löfven.

Do not want to mention any specific number

When asked if he has backed down to receive fewer refugees, Stefan Löfven says he does not want to mention any specific speech, but if Sweden is to do its part by size in an EU cooperation, it will be less. He specifically refers to the immigration summit in 2015.

- We must stick to a sustainable migration policy. We will not go back to 2015 because it was not sustainable, he says.

- My point is that we are not sustainable today, contrasts Ulf Kristersson.

Åkesson: "Hit your fist on the table now"

Nor does Jimmie Åkesson think that migration policy is as sustainable as it is now. He is completely opposed to the EU deciding on Sweden on this issue.

- Why should Germany and France decide who should live in Sweden? It is completely unrealistic, especially when Sweden has taken such a huge responsibility, says Jimmie Åkesson.

He wonders how Sweden should take care of the 20,000 new refugees a year that are in the forecasts for the next four years.

- Where will the people live and which hospitals will they go to when they get sick? Which schools and homes for the elderly? You squeal internally. One government party says you should have less and the other that you should have more. Hit your fist on the table and say how you feel about it now.


"Fist in the table now, how are you?"

Source: svt

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