Constitutional law professor Kais Said won the presidential election in Tunisia, far ahead of his rival businessman Nabil Karoui, according to the results of a poll published on Tunisian state television on Sunday evening.

According to the results of the Sigma Consai poll, Saeed received 76.9 percent of the vote, while the villager received 23.1 percent of the vote.

Thousands of Said's supporters gathered in front of his campaign headquarters in central Tunis to celebrate the victory.

This comes as the Higher Independent Commission for Tunisian Elections announced the continuation of the counting of votes in the eleventh presidential elections in the country's history.

The head of the Commission, Nabil Bafon, said in a press conference on Sunday evening that the turnout in the run-off was 57.8% in 70% of polling stations.

More than 90,000 Tunisians abroad cast their ballots in the second round of elections, which began on Friday, Pfone said.

Earlier, polling stations were closed to voters after a full day of the marathon, and the election commissions began counting.

More than 7 million voters were called to vote at the polling stations.

The first round of the Tunisian presidential election, in which 26 candidates competed, witnessed what was described as an “electoral earthquake”.

Said managed to win 18.4% of the vote and dissolved villager second with 15.5% and moved to the second round.