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Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police: Intelligent Center in 80 regions of the Emirate


Dubai Police Commander-in-Chief, Major General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, confirmed that there is a plan to establish a smart police station in every corner of the emirate at a zero cost. , And from

Dubai Police Commander-in-Chief, Major General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, has confirmed that there is a plan to establish a smart police station in every corner of the emirate at zero cost.

Al-Marri told Emirates Today that the applications, programs and intelligent systems put forward by Dubai Police recently were practically applied and directly affected the community, which exceeded expectations and evolved remarkably, such as smart police stations, as recorded from the beginning of this year until the beginning of September 12. 1,277 transactions, including the world's first intelligent floating police station. He added that there are two electronic communications out of every 10 registered by the Dubai Police, which led the General Command to develop programs to ensure rapid and confidential communication with the public, including the E-CRIME platform, which relieved the community members of the burden of moving to the police station and embarrassment of direct reporting.

He added: «We have adopted a strategy based entirely on real partnership with the community, in order to break the usual barrier between the police and the people, and achieved impressive results by all standards, and it is enough to graduate 900 students from different schools in the winter training program of Dubai Police, in a wonderful scene closer to the graduation of the Police Academy itself "These students are ambassadors of Dubai Police in their various educational institutions."

“When SBS was launched, some thought it was just a propaganda front, but everyone later confirmed it was a promising Dubai Police project and a real leap towards a better future in security services,” he said.

He added: “We have a real plan to establish a smart police station in every corner of the emirate, and the expected number may be more than 80 smart centers.” He pointed to cooperation with developers to establish centers, which does not cost the Dubai Police General Headquarters, while providing immediate services.

He explained that «the establishment of these centers is according to a deliberate strategy, and not random, because of only one service, is to open a criminal report, we find that obtaining them in a traditional way requires to go to the police station, and wait, then return to the house again, a period of an hour and a half "On average, it takes only 10 minutes to get the same service from the smart police station, without having to move or wait."

He explained that the smart centers have completed 12 thousand and 727 transactions, and the most prominent services provided by the round the clock: the opening of a criminal report, the delivery of found materials, and all requests for certificates and permits, labor complaints, housing security, crimes of trafficking in human beings, and support for victims of human violence, And pay irregularities.

Regarding the need to establish a smart floating police station, Al-Marri said that the centers «SPS» is a newborn child who grows and shines every day, with the aim of delivering the service to the owners everywhere they are, even seafarers, and the center will provide services amid the sea in the world islands, It has a design that caters to the needs of yachting, boat and marine sports enthusiasts.

Al Marri said the list of important programs launched by Dubai Police also includes the E-CRIME platform, which aims to receive electronic reports, inquiries and complaints. He added that since its launch in May last year, the platform has achieved a qualitative leap in communication with the public, registering 14 thousand and 132 transactions, ranging from technical transactions, information and legal procedures, in addition to reports of cyber crimes, while the administration registered the traditional way before launching the platform. In a similar period, 1664 reports of cybercrime.

He pointed to the existence of sensitive types of electronic communications, «which leads many victims to refrain from reporting, because they are ashamed to review police stations or the Department of Combating Cybercrime, so Dubai police allowed through the platform to receive these communications in strict confidentiality, without That the amount needs to be reviewed himself », stressing that« such initiatives bring people very close to the police, and firmly believe that there are those who protect them ».

Al-Marri said that the analysis of cybercrime, which dealt with Dubai Police, shows the importance of sensitizing members of the community about the seriousness of some of the practices of children, pointing out that «the phone becomes a tool of crime, if the bearer involved in swearing, libel, extortion or spreading rumors». On the security system «Oyoun» security, which operates surveillance cameras of government agencies in Dubai, Al Marri said that Dubai police applied the system «Oyoun», practically in the jurisdiction of the Muraqqabat police station, in order to reach zero crime. The criminal index has fallen by more than 60%, confirming the value of the system. Oyoon manages the cameras through artificial intelligence, monitoring suspects, tracking traffic and the tourism sector.

According to Dubai Police, artificial intelligence techniques will contribute to converting the tens of thousands of cameras in the emirate into data, analyzed in record time, and give quick alerts in the event of any security gap, crime or even traffic violations, which reduces a large period of time, It reduces dependence on human staff, while ensuring high accuracy.

Regarding the community partnership strategy recently adopted by Dubai Police, Al Marri said that Dubai Police has worked hard in recent years to change the culture of fear of policemen. He added: «The proximity of people doubles their sense of responsibility, and their eagerness to participate in maintaining security and abide by the law».

Al Amri said that Ambassadors of Aman program is one of the most prominent initiatives of the Community Partnership, which witnessed the graduation of about 900 students from the winter training program, and included pioneering initiatives, such as the participation of four children as young as 16 years in the Ambassadors Aman project to represent 797 students in 80 schools. Government and private in Dubai to Member States at the UN headquarters in Geneva, carrying messages on childhood.

He pointed out that these students have received training in the «protection» International Center of the General Directorate of Drug Control in the Dubai Police, and they are the best ambassadors, and play a critical role in educating their colleagues about the risks to them, such as addiction, pointing out that they belong to certain nationalities, They have the ability to address members of their communities, not just their colleagues.

«Oyoun» reduced the crime index in Al Muraqqabat by more than 60%.

Source: emara

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