Strict caution to the chairman of the NHK Management Committee Chairman, “No loss of freedom of editing” October 11, 18:06

In connection with NHK's program that covered inappropriate sales issues of Japan Post Insurance, a question was held at the House of Representatives Budget Committee over the fact that the Management Committee paid close attention to Chairman Ueda in search of thorough governance. NHK's Chairman Ishihara has shown that there is no fact that the freedom to edit the program has not been impaired by careful attention.

In relation to NHK's program dealing with inappropriate sales issues of Japan Post Insurance, the Japan Post Group said last October that NHK's executive committee member said that there was an error in the explanation regarding the editing rights of the person in charge of the program. After that, the management committee paid close attention to Chairman Ueda, demanding a thorough governance system.

A related party attended the House of Representatives budget committee as a reference, and Shinya Ogawa, a party of the Constitutional Democratic Party and other parties, commented on the response of the Japan Post Group, “It was a very important report last April. "In fact, you may have put pressure on NHK."

On the other hand, Mr. Suzuki, Senior Vice President of Japan Post, said, “There is no memory that put pressure on it. When we did the second interview following what was broadcast, we arranged only very stimulating words. "We asked for the removal of it because we had a Twitter like this."

On the other hand, Mr. Ishihara, Chairman of NHK, said, “The Management Committee is legally prohibited from entering the contents and contents of the program,” with regard to the process of paying close attention to Ueda.

After that, he said, “We have judged that the explanation of the program staff is lacking in terms of governance as a matter of governance in terms of education for the staff of the president.” I showed that there was no fact that I lost.

In addition, Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Takaichi said, "I heard that the attention to the chairman was made within the scope of the authority of the management committee stipulated by the Broadcasting Law, and it was not against the Broadcasting Law." It was.

Regarding this time, NHK Chairman Ueda said at the previous press conference, “The attention from the management committee had nothing to do with individual programs. And the freedom to edit the program is not impaired.