Tunisians abroad will cast their ballots from Friday to Sunday in the second round of presidential elections, in which constitutional law professor Kais Said and businessman Nabil Karoui, who heads the "Heart of Tunisia" party, will compete.

While the propaganda campaign continues at home, the two candidates will meet this evening in a debate on Tunisian state television, after the court released on Wednesday evening the villager, who was imprisoned for money laundering and tax evasion.

Tunisian state television spokesman Elias Jarraya said the "national channel" was ready to organize the debate between the candidates after it had failed in the past, because of the presence of the villager in prison.

Tunisians will go to the polls next Sunday to choose their president in the second round of elections

On the other hand, Ennahda renewed its supporters' call to support candidate Qais Said, and ruled out any alliance with the "Heart of Tunisia" party and the Free Constitutional Party to form a government, also denied what it said rumors about its relationship with the release of Karoui.

Al-Qarawi, in an interview with Al-Hiwar Al-Tunisi TV, said that he would not be in a government with Ennahdha, and said that everyone who entered with them "destroyed him and exceeded him after him."

Al-Qarawi added that his program is not the Ennahda program. He warned against being overridden.

Karoui admitted to meeting Ari Ben Menashe, a former Israeli army intelligence officer who owns a company investing in the so-called lobbying in Canada. He said he did not know he was Israeli and said he presented himself as a Canadian.

More than seven million Tunisians are called on Sunday to choose a president, and the turnout in the first round is about 50%. The president-elect is in charge of defense, national security and foreign affairs.