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  • Events: The couple who buried a man alive after a fake date in Badoo had an accomplice and looked for a room

The cruelty with which Dulce Ángel treated her victims was not only evident in the murder of José Antonio Delgado, the neighbor of Getxo who she and her partner allegedly buried alive. This 34-year-old Venezuelan woman had captured her other two victims through the Badoo dating social network , promising to maintain relations with them. This newspaper has been able to know the statement of one of them, and it is clear that the brutality he suffered could also have ended his life.

This man, of Spanish nationality, had stayed with Dulce Ángel, as he called himself on social networks (although he used others, and his real name was Hedangelin Candy Arrieta Lanzadábal), at the train station in Luceni, a town in Zaragoza. It happened on September 4, just a few days before the disappearance of José Antonio Delgado.

The sequence of events is as follows: the victim gets off the train and receives a call from Bella, as she thought it was called, because she had put that name on her Badoo profile. In the call, the woman informs him that he is waiting behind him, in an abandoned stop that is when he leaves the station. Once there, the woman tells him that a friend is waiting for them in a car to transfer them to a hotel.

But there is no friend or car to go to the hotel. The victim hears a noise behind his back and turns instinctively, but at that moment he receives a blow to the head with a wrench with such force that he could have died. The blow is given by a man dressed in long sleeves that hides his face behind a cap, but the victim cannot look at his face.

It is a little later when she hears him speak with an Arabic accent, which suggests that it was Hedangelin's partner, Makaveli Achraf Elbouti, a 35-year-old Moroccan who, like her, is in prison for multiple crimes. After hitting him in the head, he is hooded and his hands are tied with bridles. She puts a gun to his head and threatens him with death. The man orders the woman to notify a third person.

Then, after a few minutes, a car arrives and they force him to get into the trunk, or what the victim thinks is the trunk, because he sees nothing. The blow that occurs in the femur when entering the force causes a fracture.

The car starts and stops somewhere that could be outdoors, because no noise is heard. There the man and the woman force him to tell them the PIN number of his credit card, at the same time that they raise the music of the car. Shortly after the car starts again and takes a longer route, in which they may take you to a town.

12,000 euros of rescue

Shortly after, perhaps after taking money from the cashier, because the total loot that was stolen was 600 euros, they threaten to cut off a finger. If you do not want to be cut, you must call your family and ask to pay a ransom for your life of 12,000 euros. Then the victim explains that he cannot pay that and they reduce the ransom price to 3,000.

There is a time when Dulce Ángel suggests: "As you give trouble, we kill you and bury you."

The victim explains again that he cannot face the payment of the ransom, so in the end, without ceasing the death threats at any time, the car continues its journey for a while, until it stops, they release him and leave him in the field .

Remember that there are already three people in prison for the murder of José Antonio and the other crimes committed against two more victims of the scam. The agents of the UCO and the Organic Judicial Police Unit of Zaragoza have identified these three cases to date, and the investigating judge and the Prosecutor currently see evidence of the crimes of murder, injuries, threats, extortion, illegal detention, money laundering and criminal group.

As the couple's third accomplice was in prison since August, it is suspected that there could be a room, since everything points to Hedangelin and Makaveli not acting alone.

Delgado's body was found on September 27, and on October 2 the Civil Guard detained the couple in Pedrola (Zaragoza), where he had an industrial building in which he kept numerous objects that related him to the crime and his other victims Last Saturday, the judge sent the two detainees to prison without bail.

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