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Yemeni forces are advancing towards Ibb governorate and capturing 33 Houthis


The Yemeni joint forces and the southern forces advanced in the areas surrounding Ibb governorate from the newly liberated areas of Al-Dhala, after securing Hajar and Beja areas, while 33 members of the Iranian-backed Houthi coup militia, including leaders, were captured.

Yemeni and southern forces advanced in the areas surrounding Ibb governorate from the newly liberated areas of Al-Daleh after securing Hajar and Beja areas, while 33 Iranian-backed Houthi militia members were captured, including leaders, as fighting and military operations continued on Hajjah fronts In Saada and al-Jawf, militias continued their military escalation on the West Coast fronts.

In detail, military sources in al-Dhali uncovered the capture of the joint forces and southern forces, 33 members of the Iranian-backed Houthi coup militia during the past two days, including commanders and field supervisors, noting that the fighting between the two sides continues on several fronts north and west of al-Dhala Ibb governorate from the east.

The sources said that senior Houthi leaders were captured by the joint and southern forces in the city of al-Fakher, noting that the names will be revealed in the next few days.

The joint and southern forces continued to tighten control over all roads leading to the strategic city of Al-Fakher, which was liberated last Tuesday. Military police were deployed in the 1st Brigade, Saeqa, at the entrances, streets and intersections of Al-Fakher, and secured the paths and paths leading to the city. Area to their homes and farms.

The same sources pointed out that the joint forces began to expand north of the city of al-Fakher, and reached beyond the natural bath Alnbijh, after carrying out a large-scale sweep of the area of ​​al-Fakher, its market and section area, after being able to liberate the camp Zubayrat and sites overlooking the area of ​​strategic strategy.

The joint forces and southern forces were able to liberate the entire area of ​​al-Jub last night after completing the liberation of the Beja and Hajar areas, penetrated three kilometers west of the city of Qataba, and penetrated northwest of al-Dhali beyond Battar and Sabira areas, and seized various weapons. A number of Houthi elements were captured.

The sources confirmed that the joint and southern forces were able to lure a number of Houthi elements to the Hajar area.

On the other hand, field sources confirmed that the joint forces redeployed and stationed in the areas around the governorate of Ibb, in preparation for the next stage of the battles that will enable them to penetrate into the Ibb province, through the eastern directorates, in addition to entering the Directorate of Dmit, the last districts of Dali towards the main road The link between Sana'a and Aden.

On the other hand, Houthi militias abducted three notables of Mqilan area of ​​Al-Hasha district, after refusing to allow Houthi elements to pass to Torsa area in Azraq, pointing out that the militias declared mobilization in Maoist area in Taiz after the joint forces penetrated the directorate.

Local sources said that Musharraf al-Houthi in Maawiya, called Abu al-Nasr, held a meeting the day before yesterday in the village of Al-Jawahi in Mqilan area to discuss the situation in Al-Dhala fronts and the developments in Hajar and Qurtoba fronts and work to ease the pressure on militia elements in both fronts. Prepare for an attack on the exchange between Maoist and Azraq.

In Ibb, militias began relocating and deploying in the governorate in preparation for confronting the joint forces coming from al-Dali ', and deploying its members in the strategic mountain of Hadar, overlooking the isolation of al-Hajj and al-Shurnama on the one hand, and separately from al-العUd on the other hand, as opposed to the Oud administrative link between Ibb and al-Dali'.

Local sources in Ibb pointed out that the Houthi militias have re-positioned in Jabal Aswad, Sun and Rousan sites, which overlook Maris, Oud and back locations, to protect their elements who are still in Hajar Front and Khalil northeast of Qatoba Directorate.

In al-Hudaydah, the joint forces repelled a large-scale Houthi militia attack towards the Tahita district in the south of the governorate, focusing heavily on the Faza area, where the militias have been trying for months to advance their strategic importance to the supply routes to Hodeidah.

The joint forces thwarted an attack by the militias and forced them to retreat after suffering casualties in their ranks, while Houthi elements tried desperately to advance towards Al-Tahita and Hayes from different parts despite suffering heavy losses in equipment and lives, but failed to advance.

According to local sources in al-Tahita, the militias fired a number of artillery shells at the houses of civilians in residential neighborhoods in the center of the city.

The sources pointed out that the Houthi bombardment caused severe damage to a number of houses populated by the indiscriminate targeting of artillery shells fired and landed in those neighborhoods, last night, prompting residents to express fears of indiscriminate Houthi bombing desperate, after the failure of militias over the past months in Make any progress in those areas.

Militias used heavy mortar and Howitzer artillery in attacks on Tahita and Hays, the sources said.

On the other hand, a weapons store for the militias, the second in less than a month, exploded in the west coast, this time was in one of its warehouses in the Directorate of Hays south of Hodeidah, where the explosions lasted for about an hour, and the fire and clouds of smoke in the skies of Beit Bish village north of Hays Under the control of the militias.

According to local sources in the Directorate of Hays that the militias deliberately store their weapons and shells in populated areas, not caring about the dangers that threaten the lives of civilians and their property as a result of the explosions of these stores, as happened yesterday in one of the villages of Hays.

In Hajjah, Yemeni army forces shelled Houthi militia positions around the border town of Haradh, destroying fortifications and military vehicles that were stationed in the targeted locations in Al-Sha'ab area, and left Houthis dead and wounded, according to military sources. Incited.

In Saada, coalition fighter jets pounded Houthi positions in the strategic Directorate of al-Safra targeting Houthi positions and fortifications in Ghafra areas, destroying them, killing and wounding Houthi elements in the area.

Source: emara

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