A housing market survey conducted by Boverket this year shows that several municipalities in Jönköping County offer a so-called business priority. It is a policy that benefits the person who has got a permanent job and wants to move to the municipality. For example, to the municipality of Värnamo, which gives the fortune to people who have a permanent employment in the municipality.

- We have made that decision, a few years ago, to help the business community get hold of competent staff. If you get a permanent job that lasts longer than six months, we think it is important that you must be able to get a home if you have more than ten miles to travel, says Stanley Guldmyr, CEO of Finnvedsbostäder.

The number of municipalities giving priority in the housing queue has doubled in ten years.

What do you say about equal treatment in the housing market?

- In addition to business priority, the purchase points apply, so it is important to register as an applicant for housing at Finnvedsbostäder. You can of course say that it is unfair to those who already live in Värnamo, but we think it is so important that the business community can recruit competent staff, says Stanley Guldmyr at Finnvedsbostäder.

Shared sentences among the Värnamoboras

- It is good, if you have a permanent position, then you have to have somewhere to live. So I think it is quite right that you get ahead in the queue, says Amanda Sjögren.

- No, I don't think it's good. They take our place as they advance in the queue, says Omar Almoghrbi.

- I think it's good, because I have worked to get people to move to Värnamo municipality and it is not very easy. So it's clear that we have to help the companies, the hospital and the municipality when they recruit, explains Annette Andersen.