Mr. Han of Taiwan's largest opposition party “The Chinese government is critical of China and isolated internationally” Oct. 10 22:25

South Korea ’s biggest opposition party and nationalist party, who is aiming for a change of government in the presidential election in January next year, criticizes that the critical attitude toward President China ’s criticism of China is causing international isolation in Taiwan. He appealed to improve the relationship between China and Taiwan.

In Taiwan's presidential election in January next year, the president of the ruling and democratic parties, who are thought to be independent, will aim to re-election, and the largest opposition party and nationalist party that are compatible with China will be the mayor of South Korea and Kaohsiung. Will run as a candidate.

Mr. Han held a conference in Kaohsiung and announced his policy on China before the voting date was 11 days and 3 months.

In this, Mr. Han said, “Diplomatic relations have become difficult in the three and a half years of the Roh administration and it has not entered into an international organization, and its relationship with the mainland of China is very tense,” said President Roh ’s critical attitude toward China. Criticized Taiwan for its international isolation.

“The Sakai administration has cut all channels of dialogue with the mainland of China, and even if Taiwanese companies face difficulties in the mainland of China, it is not helpful and is causing people's concerns,” he said. And appealed to improve the relationship between China and Taiwan.

In the latest opinion poll, Mr. Han's approval rate is on a downward trend, and Mr. Han intends to incorporate support from the business world that develops business in China by raising the relations between China and Taiwan, which is the issue of election. It seems that there is.