With the arrival of autumn, the mice come to find shelter in the houses. Our editorialist agriculture Fanny Agostini gives us his best advice not to be invaded.


It's autumn and from October the mice are coming back! Our editorialist Fanny Agostini gives us his techniques to get rid of them without killing them.

It is the invasion to the point that I have the impression to live in mice! As soon as temperatures begin to fall, mice find themselves tempted to come home warm. And they are true contortionists, they are able to lengthen their body, to wiggle their ultra flexible spine to fit into holes barely wider than a pen. And from two mice, it can become apocalyptic!

If only one couple gets into your house, it's potentially the beginning of a tragedy! From two mice, we can have 10 litters of 8 mustaches per year, I let you do the math, 80 mice, if you multiply by 10 pairs that's 800 mice! It's almost scary ... So I cracked and bought some swatters. A lot of fags to hit hard!

You did not do that anyway!

I was about to commit an act as cruel as radical but I finally opted for infrasound. A device that can be bought everywhere and that emits a low frequency sound. Because the hearing range of rodents is higher than that of humans, and the low frequencies do not bother them.

But there remains a technology, a technology to eradicate the mouse: it's the cat. I refer to the food chain. That's how we can stop a proliferation of pests. Observe the nature of self-regulating populations through prey / predator balance, as well as in crops that are often more effective and environmentally friendly than chemical treatments. Like ladybugs against aphids for example, or birds against caterpillars.

I am officially against the fetters and for the cats to enjoy the mice!