The Swedish Democrats' Karlskrona chairman Christopher Larsson is charged with incitement against ethnic groups following a post he posted on one of the party's official pages in social media. There, Larsson (SD) expressed dissatisfaction that a minaret in Karlskrona would be used. The text was reported to the police by MP Magnus Manhammar (S).

Sentenced in district court

At the end of January, Christopher Larsson (SD) was released by the Blekinge District Court, which considered that the police report on prayer calls was included within the framework of freedom of expression. The SD leader has never denied that he was the one who formulated the message - but has always denied crime.

The Prosecutor appealed

The case was tried again after Prosecutor Marie Lindström maintained that the wording had spread disregard with a clue to the creed.

- The text goes beyond what can be regarded as a factual and legitimate political discussion. It has a patronizing tone and has spread through the publication, she told SVT News Blekinge in mid-February.

During the court hearing in September, Marie Lindström sought conditional judgment and daily fines, alternatively to only conditional judgment.

The verdict

Today, the verdict comes from the High Court.


SD leaders are charged with incitement against ethnic groups