In the past year, a number of municipalities around the country have introduced a begging ban. Late Monday, Täby banned begging, like other municipalities after Lidingö, in Stockholm County. The following day, the Moderates' proposal to impose a ban on begging in Gävle was voted down.

Even in Älvkarleby in northern Uppland, the Moderates have submitted a motion to ban begging in the municipality.

- The begging itself is not what is the problem but the reasons behind it, says Roger Petrini (M), opposition council in Älvkarleby.

"Can't Prohibit Poverty"

The Social Democrats, who belong to the governing majority in the municipality, oppose the proposal.

- In my opinion, begging should not be prohibited because I feel that you cannot prohibit poverty, says Marie Larsson (S) municipal council chair in Älvkarleby.

In the clip above you will hear more about the politicians' views on the proposal to introduce a ban on begging.