It was on Tuesday morning that the accident happened and after the rescue service in Torsby municipality and also staff from the so-called chemistry unit at the rescue service in the Karlstad region tried to empty the tanker on diesel, on Wednesday the MSB chemistry unit from Skövde was called.

- They just made holes in the tanker truck and started sucking out the diesel. Then we finish our work here and only the salvage work remains, says Johan Westh, emergency manager in emergency in Torsby Municipality, at 13.30 on Wednesday.

15 cubic meters of diesel fuel

The tanker was filled with 15 cubic meters of diesel and hung out over a ravine. Only trees prevented it from falling completely, before the rescue service secured it with wires. At the bottom of the canyon is a stream, which opens into the Klarälven. It was therefore important to empty the tank of diesel before attempting to salvage it.

- The reason we called in national resources is because we simply do not have those resources ourselves, says Johan Westh.

Recovery is also complicated

The tanker driver did well.

- He kicked the windshield and broke out.

When the tanker is empty, salvage is waiting with the help of a mobile crane.

- It is probably also a complicated effort. It's a small road and such, so it will probably last for a while, says Johan Westh.