Guest of the mid-day newspaper on Europe 1, the secretary general of the union Synergie Officer Police is seeking legal action against Hadama Traore, the organizer of the rally to support the author of the Paris police headquarters killing.


The union Synergie Officers Police claims on Europe 1 lawsuits against Hadama Traoré. This political activist from Aulnay-sous-Bois is at the origin of the demonstration scheduled Thursday at midday in front of the town hall of Gonesse, in support of the author of the killing of the Paris police headquarters, Mickaël Harpon .

An "infamy" that Christophe Castaner announced to ban, but Patrice Ribeiro, asks more. "Whenever there is a terrorist attack, Islamists and their friends try to victimize themselves," said the secretary general of the union Synergie Officers Police. "It's part of a strategy, but in any case it was apology for a terrorist crime, it must be prosecuted and punished." This should be the case since the Minister of the Interior has already announced to also want to alert justice following remarks by the organizer of the event. Hadama Traoré had notably considered that the author of the killing was not a religious extremist.

"Radical Islam particularly implanted" in the Val d'Oise

This event "can not take place" for Patrice Ribeiro. Especially since according to him, in the Val d'Oise, where Mickaël Harpon lived, "radical Islam is particularly implanted".

To authorize this gathering of support would therefore be "a bad message sent by the Republic, especially after the speech of the President of the Republic who claims to fight the Islamist hydra" he concludes.