- We have had technicians and firefighters there. Findings made show that this fire was also caused, says Ulf Martinsson, preliminary investigator.

The same pizzeria burned in the summer. That fire was also brought, but the preliminary investigation was recently closed after no suspects were found. If the two fires have any connection, Ulf Martinsson is too early to answer.

- It is difficult to say if there is any connection. But it is clear that we have the summer fire with us in mind when investigating this fire.

There is no suspect for this weekend's fire nor any known motive.

- We work on the assumption that we will come somewhere with this fire. Of course, we are also grateful for tips from people who know things.


Although his pizzeria has been burnt twice this year, Ramazan Öztürk does not give up. Photo: Niclas Wimmerberg / SVT