" I dragged her out of the car and put her on a pile of garbage. "

The reveal of serial killer Samuel Little for the thoughts of the reality-based Netflix series "Mindhunter". There, FBI agents interviewed convicted killers in order to create profiles of future serial killers.

It all started 18 months ago when James Holland at the Texas Rangers Police Department succeeded in getting Samuel Little - who previously refused to talk to police - to admit his first murder.

- The first thing I noticed was how clever he is, he's like a genius with a photographic memory, says James Holland in an interview with CBS.

That the horrible truth was revealed is almost a coincidence. In 2012, Samuel Little was arrested on a homeless shelter in the state of Kentucky. After being released to California where he was suspected of drug offenses, police were able to link Samuel Little to three murders of women in Los Angeles between 1987 and 1989 using DNA evidence. In 2014, Samuel Little was sentenced to life in prison for three murders. And there it could have stayed.

"He liked it"

But James Holland's gut feeling that Samuel Little, described by the court as a sex offender, was in fact a far more dangerous person. The FBI had already previously suspected Samuel Little, who in various ways succeeded in defying justice in several states where women disappeared. This led James Holland to go to prison to hear Samuel Little about an unsolved homicide in Texas.

"The first few minutes went really bad, he was furious," James Holland told CBS.

What Samuel Little was furious about? That he was portrayed as a rapist.

- I had no doubt that Samuel Little was not a rapist so I told him that I knew he was a murderer. Then he stopped and looked at me for a second. He did not seem disturbed by it. You could see it in his eyes when I said the word "killer", he liked it.

700 interviews later, Samuel Little has admitted 93 murders, which has led the FBI to classify the 79-year-old as America's worst serial killer of all time. The murders must have been committed in 19 states between 1970 and 2005.

Smiles as he talks about the murders

Samuel Little chose light victims as prostitutes and drug addicts and counted coldly that the police would not make an effort to solve the murders. Several of these women, and in some cases men, were judged by police to have died from overdoses and accidents. In fact, they were beaten to death.

Now, nearly 50 years after the first murder, the FBI has confirmed that Samuel Little is behind 50 of the murders he has admitted. And there are going to be more - according to the authority, all the recognitions are considered credible.

To get help solving the rest of the cases, the FBI has created a site entitled "Confessions of a killer" that is dedicated specifically to Samuel Little. There, the public can see both the drawings made by Samuel Little by his victims as well as watch videos from interrogations with the serial killer.

Samuel Little gives a relaxed impression and in several of the clips he gets a smile on his lips as he tells about the women he brought about life. Since the site went live, several unsolved murders have been cleared up, according to the FBI.

"Although he is already in jail, the FBI believes it is important that we try to bring justice to every victim," said Christie Palazzol of the FBI's Violent Criminal Apprehension Program in a comment.