On Monday night, a security guard was shot in the leg in the basement of a multi-family house in Rinkeby. When SVT talks to residents in the area, they say that it is usually quiet. Many did not even know that a shooting had occurred.

Mohamed Hagi Farah is chairman of the local tenants' association and lives in the house where the shooting occurred. He believes that he blamed the security deficiencies in the properties for the housing company without any measures being taken. Now he hopes that there will be new solutions to ensure that the doors are kept closed and locked.

"In general, entrance gates are locked"

The real estate company Hembla, which hired the security guard, has declined to submit an interview but writes in an email:

“The shell protection is important for safety and security and it is part of our upgrading to strengthen the shell protection in the properties. This work is also ongoing in Rinkeby. Generally, entrance gates and doors to basement rooms are locked and only accessible to tenants living in the house as well as our staff. "

Hembla, together with representatives from the police and the municipality, will be present at the tenant association's premises in Rinkeby during the evening to meet the tenants.