The Swedish Transport Administration wants to reduce the speed of the E22 between Lösen and Jämjö in Karlskrona municipality. The reason is that they want to lower the speed on all roads without the center rail where at least 2,000 vehicles are driving per day.

Today it is 90 kilometers per hour on the route, the Swedish Transport Administration wants to see that it will be 80.

But during the last meeting of the Blekinge Development Board, the proposal was rejected, writes BLT.

Should affect public transport

According to the schedule, the new E22 between Lösen and Jämjö is planned to start being built in 2021. The Regional Development Board wants the speed to remain unchanged on the route until the road starts to be built.

They believe that 80 instead of 90 kilometers per hour would mean longer travel times for public transport. Instead, the Swedish Transport Administration is urged to speed up the reconstruction of the road in every way, as it would provide the most optimal benefit.