A homeless woman who is singing opera on the subway and performing a masterpiece on the stage October 8th 13:33

A homeless woman who sang a masterpiece of opera at an American subway home was posted on SNS and praised. Since then, the circle of support has continued to spread on the Internet, and it has never been possible to perform songs on the stage.

The beginning was a video posted on SNS.

A local police officer filmed a homeless woman singing a masterpiece of an opera at a subway home in Los Angeles, USA, and posted it on Twitter last month.

Emily Zamorka (52) was singing, and while the video was spreading on SNS, along with its beautiful voice, the situation that became a homeless by stealing a violin that was a commercial tool three years ago was wide It became known.

Zamorka-san was invited to a local event on the 5th and had no chance to perform a song in front of the audience on stage.

Singing was the same as the video, “My Dad” of Puccini's opera “Gianni Schikki”, and after the song, Zamorka said, “Thanks to the people who supported me.”

The original video has been replayed about 1.1 million times so far, and the Internet has expanded the circle of support to provide Zamorka with a new violin, and more than 8 million yen has been collected in Japanese yen.

Zamorka reunited with the police officer who shot the video, and thanked him.