The key was discovered among various computers and computer media seized during the search.

They were killed last week, stabbed by one of their colleagues from the Paris police headquarters: Aurélia, Anthony, Brice and Damien will be honored this morning, in the presence of Emmanuel Macron who will speak. The investigators are continuing their work. In search, they seized many computers and computer media that are still under review. In particular, they found a USB key whose contents worried the police a lot.

According to our information, this USB key was found at the killer's workplace, in his office of the police headquarters. By examining it carefully, the computer experts of the Parisian PJ discovered that several files had been purposely erased. Two types of files, which they managed to restore.

On the one hand, there were ISIS propaganda videos, including decapitation scenes. But there was also, and this is even more disturbing, a kind of trombinoscope with the names and personal data of dozens of police officers of the Directorate of Intelligence.

Investigators fear that computers are trapped and self-destruct.

The investigators wonder: to whom and to whom were these files intended? Simple backups of work during a maintenance? Not impossible ... But we can not exclude that Mickael Harpon has copied this trombinoscope to bring home or give it to someone.

We will probably know more when all computers and computer media seized at home have been examined. This is not immediately because the experts of the DGSI advance with caution: they fear that computers are trapped and self-destruct.