Parasitic infection, often benign, toxoplasmosis can nevertheless have serious consequences on the development of the fetus.


Toxoplasmosis is a parasitic infection, often benign. It can, however, have serious consequences for the development of children when it contaminates the mother during her pregnancy, such as brain malformations, neurological disorders or eye damage that can lead to blindness.

France has a prenatal screening program for toxoplasmosis that is unique in the world and is considered effective. Thanks to these preventive measures, only 800 women per year, out of 767,000 births in 2017, contracted the disease during their pregnancy and 150 babies were affected by toxoplasmosis.

A blood test every month

For mothers who have had toxoplasmosis - sometimes without realizing it - there is no need to take this program. On the other hand, women who have never contracted this disease must do blood tests every month and follow daily hygiene rules (washing hands, rinsing raw vegetables, eating well-cooked meat, drinking water in bottle, put on gloves for gardening ...).