It went well when the Swedish national team in Disco competed in Belgrade in Serbia. In total there were two gold, four bronze and a total of eleven final places. Agnes Holmbäck Svensson and Natalie Forsberg had to climb the top of the podium.

- It feels very good. It was nothing that we expected. We just went out for fun, says Natalie Forsberg, 18 years from Falköping.

Just joy

It was fun to go out and compete in the World Cup, ”says Agnes Holmbäck Svensson.

- You see other competitors and get nervous. But as soon as you get out on the floor and start dancing, it's just joy. It's so fun to dance with someone else, she says.

It is important that everything is seated

They competed in the Disco Duo Adult category. Disco is a fast dance where it is all about being explosive and dancing together.

- Then everything should sit and be the same. It is very important. And we got it very well now, says Agnes Holmbäck Svensson.

- We have such good chemistry when we dance and we follow each other well. It becomes powerful when we dance together, says Natalie Forsberg.

Aims for new gold

Anges Holmbäck Svensson and Natalie Forsberg got to know each other when they started high school in Skara. When they read dance there is a lot of dance both at school and at leisure.

- Our goal in the future is to continue to have fun together, train even more, get even better and keep the gold next year, says Natalie Forsberg.

The other Swedish gold was taken by Melvin Olofsson in Disco solo Youth. Natalie Forsberg also took a bronze money in Disco Solo Adult.