• Capaci, Brusca massacre: "Falcone was at the top of the list of people to kill"


October 7, 2019Home domicil for Giovanni Brusca: this is the opinion expressed by the General Prosecutor of the Cassation in the written indictment with which he contrasts the request for the defense of the former boss, convicted of the Capaci massacre and other serious crimes, of obtaining house arrest in protected location. It is learned from judicial sources.

Tomorrow awaits the verdict
The ermines' verdict is scheduled for tomorrow. Brusca is in prison in Rebibbia.

Defense Brusca: end of detention in 2022
"Giovanni Brusca will finish serving his sentence in prison in 2022, if the Cassation does not accept the request to place him under house arrest, but he could return free at the end of 2021 because he has a 'discount' of 270 days as required by the prison regulation". Lawyer Antonella Cassandro said this, one of the lawyers who sponsored the former boss's appeal to the Supreme Court. "In his negative opinion on home detention, the Cassation Pg - explained Cassandro - shared the motivations of the Surveillance Court that considers Brusca has not repented enough". Cassandro pointed out that in addition to the national anti-mafia prosecutor Federico Cafiero De Raho, the direction of the Rebibbia prison and the Palermo security authorities were also in favor of the house arrest.