• Girauta. "With 15 years I became Maoist to have fun and to flirt"
  • Parlament.Torra saves the motion of censure with the help of a PSC "accomplice"

The deputy for Toledo of Citizens Juan Carlos Girauta has described on Monday the PSC as a "party of paniaguados lameculos mixed with thieves" as well as "traitors, complexed, immoral and nationalists."

In a note in his Twitter account, collected by Europa Press, Girauta has charged against the Catalan socialists after his abstention on Monday in the vote of the motion of censure against the Catalan president, Quim Torra.

"The PSC has disappointed many today. I could no longer: I left it 33 years ago knowing what it was : a party of paniaguan lamecles mixed with thieves. Traitors, self-conscious, immoral and nationalists dedicated to serving Pujol the head of the metropolitan area, "wrote the politician of the orange formation.

PSC spokeswoman in the Catalan Parliament, Eva Granados , has reproached Girauta for her tone a few minutes after its publication. "It is unfortunate that political leaders use these disqualifications towards other political leaders," the socialist lamented in an interview on RTVE's 'The Night in 24 Hours'.

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