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The deputy of ERCGabriel Rufián has unleashed with a tweet a campaign of insults and threats against the journalist of EL MUNDO Leyre Iglesias .

In his message on social networks, the independence leader disqualified Iglesias for being the author of the CRÓNICA report entitled The luxury hotel of the seven privileged of Lledoners: complicit officials, corns and private doctor. Immediately after its publication thousands of its followers joined the harassment against the editor.

The deputy of ERC in Congress hung on his Twitter account early in the morning of October 6 the link of the report and this message, which included the Twitter account of the editor of EL MUNDO. "This of @Leyre_Churches is the worst thing I have read in my life and I have read a lot of moral misery vomited before a computer. I don't think there is a promise of a job or salary high enough to lend itself to writing this savage. Terrible."

Rufián's post , which at the close of this information accounted for 867 retweets and more than 1,300 comments, was followed by hundreds of disqualifying and intimidating messages from his followers and the independence environment addressed to Leyre Iglesias.

Among them a tweet from the former deputy of En Comú Podem by Gerona , Marta Sibina , written in Catalan and whose translation into Spanish is as follows: "1. This is not journalism. 2. This is being a bad person @Leyre_Churches. 3. I have never read a chronicle like that of Urdangarin or Rodrigo Rato. 4. Put malice and rage in your ass. You only bring garbage to the world. 5. Even the ovaries of the regime's press. "

The harassment campaign - we will not reproduce the most bad messages - includes tweets of this type. Albert : "You are a bad person, the worst and most vomitive thing that Spain offers. Thanks to people like you, Catalunya will be independent one day. Because of bazofia like you, Spain will break. Thanks Spanish."

Carles Gómez : "What a fucking disgusting brain you have." Ana María Invernon : "If one day he regains a bit of sanity, conscience and humanity ... life will be taken away ... that meanness there is no heart to support it." Xènia Torras : "Fairy to journalists ... fairy".

Gabriel Rufián's attack on the editor of EL MUNDO comes a week after Rufián himself came out in defense, also via Twitter, of the Telecinco journalist assaulted in Barcelona while covering the 1-O anniversary: ​​"Do this to a worker with a mike in the street is energetic. Wear the flag on your neck. Enough is enough, "he said then.

There are numerous media professionals who have spoken in defense of Leyre Iglesias and his work. Like Anabel Díez ( El País ), Iñaki Ellakuria ( La Vanguardia ), Cristian Campos ( El Español ) or Carmen Torres ( El Independiente ).

In the report of the journalist of the newspaper EL MUNDO denounced the favor deals enjoyed by Oriol Junqueras, Jordi Turull, Joaquim Forn, Josep Rull, Raül Romeva, Jordi Sànchez and Jordi Cuixart in the Lledoners prison in Barcelona, where they are in pretrial detention awaiting the impending ruling of the Supreme Court.

It was detailed, for example, how the seven independentist politicians move freely within the walls of Lledoners, receive up to 50 visits a day, eat corns and gazpacho from outside the jail, are attended by private doctors and how good Some officials treat them with servility and complicity. Workers who do not support this favor treatment protected by the prison management are nicknamed " els dolents ", which means "the bad guys".

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