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The Malian army lost 38 soldiers in the attack on two camps by suspected jihadists in the center of the country, in Boulkessi, on the night of 30 September to 1 October. Six days later, President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita returned to these events in front of the Malian political class.

On receiving a part of the Malian political class on October 5, President Ibrahim Boubacar Kéita (IBK) spoke for the first time
on the events in Boulkessi where officially, 38 Malian soldiers were killed by suspected jihadists.

He called "speculation" speculation about a possible military coup following the events before paying tribute to the missing soldiers.

The Boulkessi site was one of the best protected areas and the Malian government had been keen to strengthen, because of the fragility of the area and the attacks that the camp had suffered. " Our Nation, today, more than ever, needs solidarity and does not need nostalgic rantings of putsch ," said the head of the Malian state. No military coup will prevail in Mali .

When events of " painful importance " such as those of Boulkessi occur, " reason, decency, patriotism is the burst of hearts, " added IBK. What has happened to us is very painful. But we do not have the right to despair. Our children fought were attacked by treachery in conditions that remain to be elucidated .

President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta pays tribute to the soldiers killed in Boulkessi

06-10-2019 - By Serge Daniel

The Malian President would like " our entire national entente to pray for their souls and for their sacrifice to be the ferment of a bloody retaliation of our forces and a renewed confidence, warned for the defense of our country and our values ​​of civilization. I note the deep pain of all the people. Everyone must know that this emotion, this pain, are mine .

#FAMa resumed their base at #Boulkessy. By this act the #FAMa give a proof of their fighting spirit and their bravery. The resumption of control of #Boulkessy should be welcomed.

Malian Armed Forces (@FAMa_DIRPA) October 3, 2019

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