According to a financial institution, law enforcement officials work with a man born in 1991.

“There is no threat of leakage of customer data (in addition to credit card data for 200 customers of the bank, as was announced in the press release of the bank on 03.10.2019),” Sberbank specified.

Earlier, the newspaper Kommersant reported that the personal data of Sberbank customers turned out to be on the black market, and the "sellers" say that they have at their disposal data on 60 million credit cards.

It was pointed out that the seller offers a “potential buyers” a trial fragment of a database of 200 lines.

In turn, Sberbank announced the beginning of an internal investigation in connection with a possible leak of personal data of 200 credit card holders. Later, the bank called the actions of one of the employees with administrator rights the main version of what happened.

Sberbank also appealed to law enforcement agencies and Roskomnadzor in connection with the incident.

Expert Garegin Tosunyan, in an interview with NSN, assessed the consequences of leakage of data from banking clients.