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  • Zaragoza After burying him alive, they took money from his checking account and sold his car online
  • Events: Two arrested in Zaragoza for the murder of a Getxo neighbor with whom a woman contacted online

The Italian Paolo Sorrentino has a film entitled 'The consequences of love'. It is perhaps the first in which he is seen in full possession of his resources, and also the first in which he takes out his fetish actor, the immeasurable Toni Servillo, everything he has inside. Servillo embodies a strange and taciturn individual who has been living in a hotel for years, religiously paying each month's bill the month before and without anyone knowing very well what his trade or vital arrangement consists of. The film tells how this man completely undoes that arrangement and it is up to him to pay the bill, although in order not to spoil the surprise to the viewer who does not know it yet, we will not give more details. The reason that pushes him to disrupt his existence is none other than his inopportune crush on an attractive and young waitress with whom he usually coincides in the hotel bar.

There are dog loves, as the Mexican film of that same title taught us, and loves that go a little further in the cruelty with which they overwhelm the unsuspecting who fall into their jaws. Loves wolves, we could call them, and of them we have a couple of examples these days. In both, it also coincides that the victim, as in the Sorrentino movie, is an already mature man, someone who perhaps no longer had love to take him out to dance, and who takes the hand that is extended to him in an instant of vulnerability that is also of unconsciousness and that in the end it is fatal beyond the imaginable.

The first story tells us about a man who lives in the green Cantabria and who in the autumn of life is paired with a woman born in the south, with whom he begins a coexistence abruptly settled when the man in question disappears. Something more than anomalous, and as creepy as macabre, is his reappearance: in a box that the woman delivers to a neighbor with the skull of the unfortunate, claiming that it contains some erotic toys that she does not want the Civil Guard to find when it is persone in her house in search of clues that can serve to clarify the mysterious and sudden absence. Curiosity leads the neighbor to open the box, and the subsequent finding to alert the authorities. After months of fruitless investigation, and it does not seem that in diligent excess, the disappearance is resolved in the most unexpected way. The woman's explanations are not enough to dissipate the suspicions raised by such an unusual way of disposing of the remains of a human being, and the terror spreads when she transcends that she had the habit of distributing croquettes among the neighbors, more frequently after the disappearance of the man. We are going to have a hard time accepting croquettes from now on, and the jury to whom the case falls, leave the trial unscathed.

The second story takes a Vizcaya man ahead in his fifties. The man believes to seduce an attractive Venezuelan thirties through a social network of contacts, with whom he goes to meet in Zaragoza to consummate the passion that the deceptive bytes move him to experience. The Venezuelan exists, and is attractive and thirties, but next to her a subject awaits him with the worst intentions that beats him, he empties his account, sells his car online and he buries it when he still breathes, as he will say later autopsy. He is not the first to fall into the trap; there were already others who came in search of tenderness and were beaten, although they were granted the fortune of being able to live to tell it. Or shut it up.

The two stories convey a couple of teachings. The first, that evil has more forms, adopts more faces and is more distributed among humans and humans than for one reason or another, we prefer to pass. The second, that there are loves whose consequences invite one to wonder if, after all, the option of loneliness was so unbearable.

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