The heads of some polling stations in the UAE received voters with flowers and chocolates to welcome them on the last day of voting in the FNC 2019 elections, and to encourage them to participate in the electoral process.The electoral commissions launched an initiative to draw the state flag of the voters' fingerprint after they finished casting their votes in the elections. Other committees took the opinion of voters to see how satisfied they were with the voting process.

The citizens expressed their happiness at the ease of the procedures followed in the voting process, which did not take more than two minutes since they entered the electoral center until the selection of their candidates through the electronic system.

The electoral commissions witnessed the arrival of families to vote in the elections.

Dr. Mohammed Butti Al Shamsi, Chairman of Madinat Zayed Center at the Abu Dhabi Emirate Committee in Al Dhafra Region, said that the National Election Committee provided all the necessary capabilities to facilitate the electoral process.The number of voting machines reached 26 in the center, including two bodies for people with disabilities and three voting machines for women.

Dr. Ahmed Al Zarouni, President of the Electoral Center at the Chess Club in the Emirate of Sharjah, pointed out that the turnout in the center is good and the number of voters is expected to increase in the coming hours.He added that the electoral vote is honest and that the country is asking citizens to participate in the election wedding.

Khalid Al Kaabi, head of the Al Khawaneej Electoral Center in Dubai, said that the first few hours of voting in the center witnessed a large number of male voters, and that it is expected that the female component will arrive in the coming hours to see more participation of the female element.

He explained that the center provides the distinctive service to the voters by providing facilities from the beginning of receiving the voter and training him on the voting process and verification of his identity card, until the completion of voting for a candidate in the elections, stressing the importance of the chains of the voting process and the sense of happiness of the voter after the end of the voting process.