24 July 2019

Donald Trump could be indicted after he leaves the White House. So in Congress, the former Russiagate special prosecutor Robert Mueller during his testimony before the House of Justice and Intelligence committees on the conclusions of his report concerning Russian interference in the US elections and tycoon campaign ties with Moscow.

Insufficient evidence on Trump conspiracy, "but conspiracy and collusion are not synonymous"
In his testimony, Mueller said he found insufficient evidence of the president's guilt in the conspiracy with the Russians, but stressed that conspiracy and collusion are not synonymous. The report did not conclude that the tycoon did not obstruct justice, reiterated Mueller, recalling that the president refused to be questioned.

Moscow interfered broadly and systematically
"Our investigation found that the Russian government interfered in our elections in a vast and systematic way," said Mueller, rejecting the assertion of a "total exemption" by President Donald Trump in his investigations: "It is not what my report says, "he said.

The former prosecutor then specified that he could not answer the questions on the origins of the investigation and on the Steele file (written by a former British spy, paid by the Dems and among the first acts that led to the investigations, ed). The former prosecutor also said he will not comment on any action taken by the attorney general William Barr or the Congress.

My investigations never limited or hindered
In his testimony to the House, Mueller said his investigations of the Russiagate have never been limited or hindered.

Trump: "Dai Dem illegal and subversive attack"
"So the Democrats and others can illegally fabricate a crime, try to blame an innocent president and, when he counteracts this illegal and subversive attack on our country, do they call it obstruction?" Donald Trump, shortly before the congressional testimony of former Russiagate special prosecutor Robert Mueller, harshly attacks him, the dem and "the greatest witch hunt in US history".

The president criticizes Mueller for his alleged "conflicts of interest", defines (without evidence) a "never Trump" the former deputy who wanted him by his side today and reproaches the team for not having investigated others, including Hillary Clinton, James Comey (the head of the FBI fired by him) and the two FBI 'agents' who exchanged text messages against the tycoon.