GAFA regulations Dealing in the digital market To submit transparency bill October 4th, 11:41

While it is pointed out that huge IT companies are strengthening their monopoly power, the government will hold a first meeting of a meeting to consider the development of rules in the digital market and establish a bill to ensure transparency in transactions such as online shopping. We confirmed the policy to create and submit to the regular Diet next year.

While it is pointed out that a giant IT company called GAFA is strengthening its monopoly power, the government presided over the first meeting of the “Digital Market Competition Conference” consisting of relevant ministers and experts, headed by Secretary of the Secretary of Secretary Opened at the minister's office.

At the meeting, in order to ensure the transparency of transactions in the digital market, companies that operate large-scale online shopping are obliged to disclose the terms of the contract. We reviewed the possibility of making recommendations and improvement orders, and confirmed the policy of submitting necessary bills to the ordinary Diet next year.

In addition, it will revise the Personal Information Protection Law so that users can ask companies to suspend the use of personal data, and guidelines based on the Antimonopoly Law so that acquisitions and mergers of IT companies, etc. will not lead to an oligopoly in the market. We decided to review each and decided to put together a plan each year.

Secretary of Secretary Jun said, “Countries are considering how to deal with the issues surrounding the digital market, and it is necessary for Japan to lead international discussions in cooperation with other countries.”