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The future president of the European Commission, Germany's Ursula von der Leyen, will live in a small house of about 25 square meters next to her office, in the Berlaymont building, sources from her team confirmed on Thursday.

"We can confirm that the elected president would like to use an existing personal space next to the president's office to spend the night in Brussels," said the sources, who explained that it is an already common practice for politics German

In that context, the sources explained that Von der Leyen has lived that way "in his offices in Berlin" since 2005, while leading different ministries in Germany.

" The main residence was always and remains Hannover , where her husband still lives and works. The children work or study in other cities around the world," the sources said.

The space that will occupy the future head of the Community Executive will be reduced, of about 25 square meters, and the fact of living in the headquarters building of the Commission will lead to additional savings in security as well as accommodation , "whether hotels or apartments" . Living at work will also allow you to save on drivers and avoid traffic jams.

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