The dismissal came to Bräcke municipality on September 23 in the form of a handwritten paper. Why Draxten wants to leave the assignment does not appear in the letter.

- I do not know why he wants to leave the assignment, says Jörgen Persson (S), chairman of the municipal council in Bräcke to SVT Nyheter Jämtland. He is still at the post and will do so to the Annual General Meeting as I understand.

The company reports negative results

MidSweden 365 AB is largely owned by Bräcke municipality. The company has wrestled with poor finances, and the latest earnings report as of August 31 showed a profit of SEK -2.1 million. The forecast for the whole year points to a negative result of SEK 1.5 million.

SVT News Jämtland has applied for Sven-Åke Draxten for a comment, but without success.