The UN investigator in the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, Agnes Kalamar, said that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman wanted in his recent statement to distance himself from the crime, stressing that the Saudi judiciary is not independent and has no guarantees for justice.

This came in a special interview with Al-Jazeera to be broadcast later in full as part of its participation in the activities of the first anniversary of the murder of Khashoggi, which will take place in the city of Istanbul.

She explained that bin Salman's recent statements in an interview on the program "60 minutes" on the channel "CBS" does not contain, in any way, a statement indicating personal responsibility for the crime "he says in his statement that he is responsible as a leader in the state, but does not He says he is personally and directly responsible for the crime. He does not admit that he may have been a player in the crime.

She added that the Saudi crown prince did not take responsibility for the killing of Khashoggi and did not specify who was behind the assassination, and that by declaring his responsibility implies his recognition that the Saudi state is responsible for the murder.

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Kalamar told Al Jazeera that they still do not know who is linked to the assassination, as well as Saud al-Qahtani, because they do not know the chain of command.

"It is possible to associate in different ways between high-level officials, including the crown prince, and crime. These officials can be held criminally responsible in various forms. We should not look at the issue from the point of view that the crown prince ordered the crime or not, we have to consider whether He incited the crime or created the conditions for its occurrence or the cradle of the policies that made it possible to do it. We have to know whether the Crown Prince knew that something was planned but he did not stop him or try to stand up to the plan. "

The Saudi judicial system cannot be trusted to bring justice to Khashoggi's murder because it is not independent from the interference of the ruling authorities, and the guarantees of a fair trial do not exist, she said, stressing the need to seek other systems and players for justice.

Kalamar stressed that international law does not consider crime a Saudi domestic affair and that international law allows the United States and Turkey to intervene.

Demands for justice
Human Rights Watch said the Saudi government should provide justice for Khashoggi's murder for her role in the crime.

The organization said in a statement that the Saudi authorities hindered the real accountability for the killing of Khashoggi by refusing to cooperate with the investigation of UN Special Rapporteur Agnes Kalamar.

Sarah Leah Whitson, executive director of the Middle East and North Africa division of the organization, said the crown prince and his government should provide transparency in the secret trial of eleven people and disclose everything they know about planning to kill Khashoggi, his execution and beyond.

She added that the Saudi authorities are multiplying repression and continue to silence the independent Saudi voices that Khashoggi sought to defend, calling on the Saudi government to reassure the international community that it will end its violations against journalists and dissidents, as well as the unjust release of detainees.